VanEck Closes Bitcoin Futures ETF Amid Market Shifts

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency market, VanEck, a leading investment management firm, announced the closure of its Bitcoin Strategy ETF (XBTF). This move reflects the evolving landscape of Bitcoin-related investment options and the growing interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Overview of VanEck’s Bitcoin Strategy ETF

VanEck’s Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which launched in late 2021, was designed to offer investors exposure to Bitcoin through futures contracts. With approximately $53 million in assets under management, as reported on VanEck’s website, the fund was a notable player in the market. However, VanEck cited several factors, including performance, liquidity, and investor interest, as reasons for its decision to close the ETF.

Comparison with ProShares’ Bitcoin ETF

In contrast to VanEck’s ETF, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) has experienced significant growth since its inception. Being the first Bitcoin futures ETF in the market, BITO’s assets surged past $1 billion and reached over $2 billion, highlighting the advantage of early market entry.

Market Trends in Bitcoin Investment Products

The closure of VanEck’s Bitcoin futures ETF coincides with the introduction of the first US spot Bitcoin ETFs, a major milestone in cryptocurrency investment. Industry experts anticipated a shift in investor interest towards funds holding actual Bitcoin, as evidenced by recent net inflows into new spot funds by BlackRock and Fidelity totaling $1.2 billion.

Impact on Investors and Future Outlook

Investors are observing the market’s response to these changes, with some ETFs, like Ark Invest and 21Shares, continuing to offer Bitcoin futures products. Meanwhile, other firms like Valkyrie and Hashdex are adapting their offerings to include ether futures and spot Bitcoin exposure, respectively. The market’s direction will likely be influenced by regulatory decisions and investor preferences in the evolving landscape of Bitcoin investment products.


VanEck’s decision to close its Bitcoin Strategy ETF signifies a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency investment sector. As the market evolves, investors are increasingly looking towards new products that offer direct exposure to Bitcoin, shaping the future of cryptocurrency investment strategies.

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