SEC Postpones Decision on BlackRock’s Ethereum ETF: A Comprehensive Overview

In a recent development, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has extended its timeline for deciding on BlackRock’s proposal for a spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF). This decision comes amidst growing anticipation and debate within the crypto community regarding the potential impact and feasibility of such ETFs.

Delay in BlackRock’s Ethereum ETF Decision

The SEC announced a delay in its decision on the BlackRock spot Ethereum ETF, known as the iShares Ethereum Trust. Originally filed in November, this ETF has garnered significant attention. The decision, which was expected earlier, has now been postponed to March. According to a recent filing, the SEC requires additional time to thoroughly evaluate the proposal and the complexities it entails.

Fidelity’s Ethereum ETF Application Also Postponed

Similar to BlackRock, Fidelity’s application for its Ethereum fund, the Fidelity Ethereum Fund, has also faced a delay. This indicates a broader trend of caution and detailed scrutiny by the SEC in dealing with cryptocurrency-related investment products.

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Analysts’ Views on Spot Ethereum ETF Delays

Leading ETF analyst from Bloomberg Intelligence, James Seyffart, suggests that delays in spot Ethereum ETF decisions are likely to persist. Seyffart highlights the significance of upcoming dates, such as May 23rd, in the context of these ETF proposals. He shared these insights in a recent post on platform X, indicating a cautious but observant stance on the matter.

Mixed Opinions Among Crypto Experts

The crypto community presents a mix of optimism and skepticism regarding the approval of a spot ether ETF. The recent approval of spot bitcoin ETFs has fueled speculation that a similar decision for Ethereum could occur as soon as May. However, SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s recent remarks suggest a more conservative approach towards crypto-linked exchange-traded products, specifically stating that the bitcoin ETF approval should not be interpreted as a broader endorsement of cryptocurrency ETFs.


The SEC’s decision to delay the verdict on BlackRock’s and Fidelity’s Ethereum ETFs underscores the regulatory body’s cautious approach to cryptocurrency investments. While the crypto community remains divided in its expectations, the next few months are crucial in shaping the future of Ethereum ETFs.

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