Bitcoin Withdrawals Reach Record Lows on Exchanges Since 2018

Unprecedented Surge in Bitcoin Withdrawals

The cryptocurrency exchanges are witnessing unprecedented daily Bitcoin withdrawals, with a single day seeing over $2 billion exiting the platforms, marking a significant event not seen since mid-2021. The available Bitcoin on exchanges has plummeted to its lowest level since March 2018, highlighting a remarkable trend in the crypto space.

Massive Bitcoin Outflows from Exchanges

On March 3rd, on-chain data revealed that billions of dollars in Bitcoin were withdrawn from exchanges. According to analytics firm Glassnode, on March 1st alone, the withdrawals amounted to approximately $2.3 billion. This surge in withdrawals signifies a substantial shift, with the total BTC on major trading platforms dropping to 2,286,347 BTC ($142.5 billion) as of March 2nd, the lowest since March 2018 when BTC was valued at just $8,000.

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Key Highlights:

  • Record Withdrawals: Over $2 billion in Bitcoin was withdrawn in one day, a phenomenon not seen since mid-2021.
  • Low BTC Availability: The amount of BTC on exchanges is at its lowest since March 2018.
  • Investor Sentiment: The massive withdrawals reflect a lack of investor confidence in exchanges and a bullish market trend.

The Impact of Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the US

A significant portion of these withdrawals can be attributed to the activities surrounding Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the United States. Notably, exchanges like Binance and Coinbase experienced the brunt of these massive withdrawals, with Binance alone seeing about $400 million in outflows. These movements are particularly noteworthy at Binance as they are not directly tied to ETF activities, indicating a unique dynamic within this exchange.

Data Insights:

  • ETF Influence: Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the US play a crucial role in the withdrawal trend.
  • Exchange Specifics: Binance and Coinbase are at the forefront of these massive Bitcoin outflows.

Concluding Thoughts

While the general public’s return to cryptocurrencies isn’t yet in full swing, the draining BTC reserves on exchanges suggest a growing trend of investors preferring to take direct control of their assets. This movement, reminiscent of the mid-2021 market dynamics, signifies a potential long-term holding strategy among investors, as Bitcoin exits exchanges at a rate not seen in years.

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